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We are your source for custom Forex and crypto currency software. Our team of software engineers has decades of experience programming in a wide variety of fields; they’re ready to take on your project.

Forex Clock

Our browser-based Forex Clock will allow you to keep track of the markets: which markets are open, which markets will be opening, which will be closing.

Our customizable Forex Clock allows you to do the following:

  • Display / hide the hour hand and second hand
  • Select the time zone to display under
  • View the statuses of currencies tied to each market
  • View the major and minor currency pairs associated with each market and which pairs can be expected to trade in high volume

Backtesting Software

Looking to test your strategies against historical data? Our Backtesting software will allow you to analyze wins and losses, and sharpen your trading game.

Features include:

  • Runs against any trading data feed, from ticks to candles
  • Can work with data from any time frame, as recently as today and as far back as 20 years or more
  • Make use of bid and ask data for buys and sells
  • Test Take Profit / Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Loss, and manual exit trades
  • Run multiple tests simultaneously to compare outcomes
  • Save backtesting results, collect statistics, and generate reports

Custom CRM Software

Every business needs to track clients; we can customize our modular CRM to meet your particular needs. Our CRMs offer the following:

  • Contact support
  • Callback management
  • Client notes
  • Messaging between admin and clients
  • Client-to-client messaging
  • Secure file uploads
  • File sharing among user groups
  • Link to KYC verification
  • AML / CTF assurance
  • Payment gateway supporting bitcoin, credit cards, and bank transfer

Need CRM functionality that’s hard to find in off-the-shelf software? Talk to us, we can build what you need, how you need it.

Trading Alerts

One of the challenges of real-time trading is keeping up on it all. If you as much as turn your head you might miss an opportunity, to say nothing of keeping track of multiple currency pairs or cryptos at the same time.

With our custom Trading Alert solutions, we can help you manage it all. Our solutions can:

  • Detect market conditions that meet the criteria for your trade strategies
  • Interface with existing APIs to read your indicators
  • Send alerts via Email, SMS, Web, or standalone app
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